Flat roof installers



Built up roof with hot tar

The art of built up roof install

Waterproof deck coating


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Roof and deck waterproofing with metacrylic roof coating

Metacrylic flat roof with reinforcing fabric on a balcony type deck.

Fabric reinforced white roof coating


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Reinforced white roof coating

Fabric painted into a roof coating for strength.

Roof and deck waterproof system

metacrylics white roof coating

Coating a white deck with metacrylics multi part system requires several steps.

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The rain gutter machine




Rain gutter forming



Rain Gutter Replacement

Roll forming a custom rain gutter on-site.

Roof top ridge vent


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shinglevent 2 by airvent

Airvent’s shinglevent 2

5 Reasons Skylight Installation Makes Sense.


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Skylights, in their early days were nothing more than a simple window turned sideways, installed, and enjoyed.

The light filtering technology has greatly increased over the years due to improvements in the glass, and plastic manufacturing technology.

Low-E Skylights Installed have reduced need for bronze tinted glass, allowing more light to pass through while increasing home energy efficiency. Bronze tinted glass is still a popular option, as well as clear glass with low-emissivity. Both styles of glass are available, the decision is simply a matter of preference.

Plastic skylight domes have been a viable long-term option. Polymer technology has evolved into high quality products.

Five Reasons Why Skylight Installation Makes Sense:

1. Energy Savings are a major focus of manufacturing. Not only are modern skylights efficient at blocking heat-gain/heat-loss, keeping the lights off during daylight hours keeps otherwise dark rooms, in the light making our living space more enjoyable.

2. Natural light is healthy, soaking up the beneficial sun rays is easy on the eyes when reading, writing, eating, viewing programs.

3. Keep the glare down. Another benefit is allowing light in, while keeping the glare down, which is normally coming in through windows. It’s possible to curtain the windows, while enjoying the light from above.

4. Privacy without losing light in the sitting room, kitchen, office, or wherever beautiful daylight is desired.

5. Options That Are Endless: Today’s technology offers skylight with built-in-blinds, motorized hinges open a skylight and provide ventilation, great for allowing heat to escape during the warm months of summer.

Leaving a skylight open on accident is not a problem with automatic rain-sensors that activate the motor, closing the hatch.

Fixed skylights can be upgraded to a model that opens, closes, has blinds, darker, or lighter glass.

Below are a few recent photos of a project in The Villages San Jose, California.

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